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411, 2022
  • Climbing News - Footwork is Foundation

Footwork is Foundation

November 4th, 2022|Training|

Starting off climbing, it’s easy to believe that strength is the key to improving. But the truth is, you probably have enough strength in your main muscle groups, you just need to use it effectively. That’s where technique comes in. And the foundation of technique is footwork! And it makes sense, why not put [...]

411, 2022
  • Staff Climbing 2022

Broaden Your Training to Climb Better and Safer

November 4th, 2022|Training|

It’s been a few months since Climbing Jungle’s official opening and wow hasn’t it been an exciting time! From running the top ropes, to opening the pro shop, to our new mum and bubs space on Wednesday morning. It has been amazing to meet and connect with each of our members and see us [...]

1610, 2022
  • Staff Spotlight: Mac Climbing

Staff Spotlight: Mackenzie

October 16th, 2022|Staff Spotlight|

Hi guys my name is Mackenzie but most people know me as Mac! I started climbing about a year ago but was very on and off as we didn’t have any climbing facilities near by. When climbing jungle opened in Ballina I was absolutely stoked to get in and start climbing on a far [...]

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