Jungle News - Broaden Your Training to Climb Better and Safer

It’s been a few months since Climbing Jungle’s official opening and wow hasn’t it been an exciting time! From running the top ropes, to opening the pro shop, to our new mum and bubs space on Wednesday morning. It has been amazing to meet and connect with each of our members and see us grow as a collective community. If that wasn’t exciting enough already we are ecstatic to announce the opening of our lead walls this weekend!

As we know climbing is an exciting sport that challenges both the body and the mind but it’s not without its risks. Whether it’s tendon strain from holding a crimp or foot placement as we fall off the wall all these risks can be mitigated and managed by increasing our bodily awareness through quality strength & movement training.

Our sisters and brothers next door at Jungle Ballina are experts on all things movement. With a team consisting of professional acrobatics, fighters, osteopaths, and exercise physiologists there is a wide variety of coach specialisations encouraging and supporting growth of the whole tribe, colleagues and members alike.

With lead climbing opening up this weekend now is the time to ask about a dual membership to both the climbing gym and the movement gym. Through the guidance of the coaches you can expect quality and catered attention to prevent injuries, work though old ones, and importantly help step up your wall game to the next level.

Seb – Jungle Team Member

Published On: November 4th, 2022Categories: Training
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