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Staff Spotlight: Mac Climbing

Hi guys my name is Mackenzie but most people know me as Mac! I started climbing about a year ago but was very on and off as we didn’t have any climbing facilities near by. When climbing jungle opened in Ballina I was absolutely stoked to get in and start climbing on a far more regular basis. Having such a great facility so close made improving skills super easy and fun and the rest of staff were really friendly and always happy to offer a helping hand when I needed. I started working here about two weeks after my first climb and now I’m in here almost everyday, whether I’m climbing or working it’s a great place to be and there is always something exciting happening!

I thinking climbing is such a great way to push both your mental and physical limits and explore new ways to move your body while having fun, listening to great music and eating yummy food! We have an amazing team here at jungle, all of the staff are super friendly and more than willing to help in whatever way they can, we are lucky enough to have some of the best climbers on the east coast with us and they are always happy to give tips and pointers to anyone who asks!

Mac – Jungle Team Member

Published On: October 16th, 2022Categories: Staff Spotlight
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