What's On - Birthday Party Package

Birthday Party Package

Our party package is $350 for up to 10 kids – additional kids are $35 per head. The party package includes:

An Awesome Birthday Event!

  • entry and rental gear (kids under 5 are free)
  • birthday host (90 mins)
  • 2 hours of fun
  • gazebo set up out the back exclusively for your party
  • ice blocks
  • games
  • host can belay
  • up to 5 parents climb for free

In relation to supervision, if kids are 12 and under – one adult to every 3 kids is required – party host can act as an additional supervisor. Kids under 12 cannot belay so if you’re planning on having the party kids do some top roping, you will need some adult belayers for them on the day, otherwise there are auto-belay systems which allow kids to climb on a retractable pulley system without a belayer.

Check here for more details on adults/kids ratio https://www.climbingjungle.com.au/kids/

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